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Actually, the whole site is under construction! If you're a Dirtyshirt frequent flyer you may have noticed the site has a new skin! The changes are actually more than skin deep but it certainly looks different when compared to the old site.

If this is your first time here, again, welcome and we hope you'll find content that will inspire you to get your shirt and your hands dirty. Stay as long as you like and we hope you take something useful with you when you leave.

View the newest marine project video - we diagnosed a sick personal water craft and rebuilt the carburetors. To see the project details click here.We made our own intake gaskets and also show how we fixed a seriously stripped carb-mount bolt hole.

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 Marine: Our new PWC traction mats arrived and we show how we installed them.

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Tools: You send an image to this printer and it "prints" in 3D - check it out! It's almost like a CNC machine that calls itself a printer.

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Houses: Take a look at our latest home-improvement project for inspiration!