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How To

About Us


My name is Jeff and my professional background is in Web Design & Development & and Technology Management. My freelance business is conducted through and I've got a sick love affair with all things that are artistic in nature.

But is my alter-ego. As far back as I can remember I've enjoyed working with my hands and found inspiration for my mechanical interests and engineering through both of my grandfathers. My maternal grandfather taught me to take care of my eyes, my ears and my hands, and that's what I do. I strongly recommend his advice.


My friends and relatives all participate in dirtyshirt activities too. They're just a little camera shy when it comes to presenting how-to information through a camera lens. Believe me when I say I can identify with their discomfort - although I enjoy assembling and presenting the content here it is quite a challenge. I've slowly gotten better (or worse?) at delivering information and editing video - and editing video is a big one!

We'll Try Anything

At the end of the day we're just trying to provide some useful information and lend a hand to people who might need a little help with their project or problem. I'm no whiz in front of a camera but I'll try and fix or build just about anything regardless of what the nature of the problem is - it's just that these days we turn a video camera on and snap pictures when we do it. No pressure.

Like the home page says:

"You guys fix a lot of things; you should put that on the web."

So we did.

Thanks for visiting and tell your friends and family about

I'm out,