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Muffler Bracket Fabrication

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For this project a damaged muffler that's already been repaired once and has developed a new problem and needs further repair. In this short video Jeff describes the problem and offers up some ideas on how it will be fixed.

steel stock

These were the steel choices that were available within the shop. ¼" rod is light enough to be easily formed, has enough strength for this application and won't cause "over-engineering" of a non-load application.

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Jeff has created a muffler bracket using a Pro 2 bending tool. Jeff gives a short demonstration on how the bracket was formed using this unique tool and how it will be installed on the muffler. The bracket can be formed using a simple hammer and vise if no other forming tools are available.

To learn more about this tool click here.

bolt cutters

There are a number of tools that are capable of cutting ¼" steel rod, a hack-saw for example – but a pair of bolt cutters makes quick work of it.

The bracket shown in the video has been set aside and a new design was created. The new bracket wraps around the exhaust pipes at each end of the muffler and simultaneously pulls the damaged heat shield closer to the muffler. We're expecting this tension to resolve the vibration and quiet things down.

Fabricating the bracket in this way lends mechanical advantage to the bracket through the hook design rather than relying on welding alone to attach the bracket to the face of the muffler.

bender tool

The bender angle die used in the video has been replaced with a circular die to create hooked ends on the bracket. Forming the bracket was a multi-step process and fitment was fine-tuned on the work bench using a vise and hammer. The bracket was checked for fitment numerous times until it fit tightly and pulled down on the heat shield across its length.

muffler bracket

This is the completed bracket, the hook lengths are asymmetrical and match the configuration of the muffler and exhaust pipe combination.

muffler bracket installed

The bracket has been installed and wraps nicely around the pipe in the front and back of the muffler. A grinder with a wire wheel installed was used to clean up the area that will receive welding.

muffler bracket installed

The bracket hooks with no welding are pulling the heat shield about a ½" closer to the muffler than without the bracket. This tension should stop the vibration.

muffler bracket welded

The bracket has been welded into place and all that remains is long-term testing to ensure that the heat-shield vibration has stopped.