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How to Mount a Power Strip

Most power strips are placed on the floor with all of the components they service plugged into them. It's a messy look, dusty, and generally speaking nobody wants to touch them.

A cleaner look is to mount the power strip. Power strips can be mounted to just about anything using the built in screw holes that are provided on the strip casing but it can be a challenge getting the holes lined up with the mounting screws.

In this video Jeff demonstrates how to align the holes with the screws to give it a clean, professional look.

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The fold in the paper-pattern is also your reference point for leveling the power strip - either horizontally or vertically on the mounting surface. Just place the fold wherever you need the edge of the power strip to be located, hold a level to the fold and drive the screws into the markings you've made on the paper when the bubble reaches its center point.

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