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Unclogging a Sink Using Compressed Air

The bathroom sink has clogged and we needed a DIY solution rather than calling a plumber. We decided to create a tool to not only resolve the current problem but any future sink-related problems as well. Note that we've already tried plunging and chemicals and neither of them resolved the problem. Snaking the pipes is an effective solution but it can be a messy and physically challenging process.

We've used air pressure to resolve other clogging problem in this house and we used air to fix this problem too.

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00:00 – 05:47 Jeff describes how he made the tool featured in the video and how it was used to blow the clog out.

05:48 – 09:10 Jeff talks about how air pressure may or may not affect your plumbing in a negative way. Using air pressure could cause problems – be careful how you use it.