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How to Power Wash a Cedar Fence

The 6' cedar fence in this video has been in place for about 14-15 years and is in need of refinishing. When the fence was new a medium-brown stain was applied but no other treatments were performed during its life.

At this point, nearly all traces of the original stain are gone and a gray patina has developed on the pickets and cross members. The patina is a combination of the wood being old, old stain, dirt, and sun damage. Power washing the fence will remove this patina and take the fence back to a whitish-blonde color. It won't look like it did when it was new but the color change after power washing is dramatic.

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There's a short review at the beginning of the video describing the power washer we're using and then we get into the technique we used. If you want to skip the tool review and general approach fence-washing begins at time marker 4:30.